CUSTOM WORD DRAWING (11x17inches) from Photo | Personalized Gift | Word Art | Personalized Gift | Wall Decor (Gandalf is sample)

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Custom Word Art Drawing

Everyone has a song, poem, speech, story, or quotation that has made a huge impact on their life. Likewise, we all have cherished photos or images in our minds which tell a story that is symbolic of who we are. Forrest Young skillfully merges these two purposeful pieces into an utterly unique work of art drawn by his hands and eyes alone.

Choosing your words

Do you have a favorite song lyric, poem, or quotation in mind? Most of my collectors approach me regarding a subject set of words that are very precious or otherwise hold great meaning to them. If you’re not sure, feel free to contact me to discuss. I am always interested and full of ideas.

Finding your image

Once you know who or what you’d like drawn in words, it’s time to find an emotionally arresting image. When working on subjects in popular media, I usually create my own video-still so that there are no issues with photo copyrights. If you’d like the art to be of a family member or friend, I will trust that the photos you provide are okay for me to use. My work looks best when I have the highest resolution images possible. Regardless of where the reference comes from, I’ll always do my best to make it work.

Drawing and hand-lettering process

After you choose the words and image and have approved my initial sketch, I’ll begin to draw and hand-letter the final piece. The surface will be heavy paper or illustration board, depending on the size of your art. To ink in the words, I use black Micron pens by Pigma. I’ll keep you updated along the way with phone pics as a shot of the final image!

Pricing, payment, and shipping

The price for my Lyric Portraits starts at $675 for an 11×17 inch drawing of a single subject. I charge more for multiple images or subjects (people, pets, etc.) combined or creatively composed, as well as for larger sized pieces. Simply add this item to you cart and pay for it in order for me to get started with your project. The base price is for a high-quality 300-600 dpi digital file of your completed artwork. If you would like to have the original drawing, there is an additional fee of $150, which includes shipping. Because these are custom projects, I cannot accept returns or issue refunds on original drawings.


Quality artwork takes a great deal of time and should never be rushed. You can expect at least 2-6 weeks from the time I receive your order to the time your Lyric Portrait is complete and depending on the complexity of your request. Times can vary a bit. I usually have several commissions lined up at once and prioritize based on the time I receive each one. That being said, I am open to discussing special-case time-frames if you need a drawing done sooner, but I cannot always guarantee it. I only ship drawings when they meet the highest standards of quality I am able to provide.


If there’s anything regarding a Lyric Portrait project you’d like to ask, please message me here on my contact page or direct-message me on social media. I’ll be glad to answer your questions.

— Forrest

“Forrest’s artwork is so unique and stunning! A true collector’s item and the Peart family is proud to feature it in our charity auctions!” — Nancy Peart-Burkholder (sister to Neil Peart, drummer of Rush)

“Forrest was amazing! He was so quick, kind, and constantly provided updates along the way with images. On top of that, his work is incredible!” — Lyric Portrait Client

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