Stan Lee & The Avengers - Signed 11" x 14" Lyric Portrait Print - "FOOM" Fan Club Letter

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Stan Lee & The Avengers - Signed 11"x14" Lyric Portrait Print - using the words in Stan's "FOOM" Fan Club Letter.

This original hand-drawn portrait is an homage to the creator of so many well-loved Marvel superheroes, Stan Lee. It was created in ink over blue line using the words from a letter Stan wrote, addressing members of a club known as, "Fans of Ol' Marvel," or "FOOM." This signed drawing is 10" x 13" and comes matted in a 16" x 20" gold colored metal frame. It is one of the most exquisite examples of Forrest's draftsmanship.

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Keywords: Black & White, Lettering, Line, Comics, Super Heroes, Stipple, Stylized, Icons, People

© 2021 - Forrest Young

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