Gandalf The Grey - Signed 8" x 10" Lyric Portrait Print - "The Greatest Adventure" Maury Laws Song

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Gandalf The Grey - 8" X 10" Signed Lyric Portrait Print, Ink drawing using lyrics to, "The Greatest Adventure."

Ink drawing using lyrics to, "The Greatest Adventure." poetry hobbit lord of the rings wizard tolkien fellowship silmarillion the greatest adventure epic high fantasy novel beard rankin bass movie magic elves elf lore faeries faery fairy tales there and back again bilbo baggins smaug dragon ring of power istari order dark lord sauron shire fireworks balrog moria staff man bladorthin mithrandir pilgrim wanderer gandalf the white rider stormcrow beard mustache

Keywords: Black & White, Figurative, Lettering, Pen & Ink, Film/Entertainment, Adventure, Celebrities, Fantasy, People, Portrait

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